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Dnk 1010011010 October 21st, 2009 08:16 PM

eurotrip 3 - omg i'm in eastern europe!
After an overnight train ride interrupted by several passport checks,
I finally arrived in Serbia.

Belgrade is very different from most American cities, with the
possible exception of Detroit. The first word that comes to mind is

Still, there is a sense of order amid all the chaos, though definitely
not in traffic, and every taxi ride is like a kamikaze mission.

The food is very good, though very heavy, and Serbians eat LOTS of
meat. There are lots of open air markets selling just about
everything, including meat, fish, household items, and incredibly
fresh produce.

Prices are slightly less than in eurozone Hungary, but still higher
than in the USA. I thought 480 dinars (~US$8) for a plate of
meatballs was outrageous, but it was too much too eat, so I got a take
out box.

Like all Europeans, Serbians smoke like chimneys. Not quite as bad as
Hungarians, though. There are NO non-smoking sections in restaurants,
and you'll have to wash your clothes and take a shower afterward to
get the stench off you.

Right now I'm resting up (my feet hurt like hell), but this weekend
I'm going on a daytrip outside the city to see some vineyards and
monasteries. I'll make sure to wear my most shocking Marilyn Manson
shirt to offend the monks.

Until we hear the safe word, we will not stop!


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