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Stefan Raabe February 9th, 2016 04:28 PM

Vancouver - supermarket, outdoor store and motel in Airport -Tsaswassen Terminal area ?!?

my wife and i will visit Canada end of August / beginning of September
for holiday. Our main goal is to do the Bowron Lake canoe circuit and
spend some days afterwards in the Canadian Rockies.

We will start in Vancouver and have a short 2-3 day trip to Vancouver
Island first, leaving from Tsaswassen Terminal, traveling by car and by

Because we arrive in the late afternoon in Vancouver i dont want to go
for a campground, but do some food and outdoor camping equipment
shopping and then stay the first night in a motel or similiar.

Is there a good (big) food store, an outdoor / camping equipment store
and a motel you can recommend in the area between Vancouver Airport
and Tsaswassen Terminal?
Maybe i can drop off my wife at the motel as she will be pretty tired
and jet-lagged and can do the shopping if everything is in the same area
or close together

One more thing.... of course we will buy some bear pepper spray which we
are not allowed to take home because of flight regulations.
Throwing them away after the holiday is a big waste, and i am
not aware of any "help yourself areas" at the airport where I
can drop of such things or give them to the next arriving traveler.....

Any ideas what to do with that close to departure?

Thank you for your recommendations.



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