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JMS October 5th, 2003 10:39 AM

MAS plane possibly sabotaged by insider
This story seems to have missed this news group

MAS plane possibly sabotaged by insider
Straits Times 5th October, 2003
KUALA LUMPUR -- A Perth-bound Malaysia Airlines plane grounded this week
after its wires were found cut could have been the subject of sabotage, and
police are not ruling out 'an inside job', a report said on Sunday.

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement late on Saturday that two hours before
its scheduled departure to Perth in western Australia, its engineers
conducted a mandatory pre-flight check which showed a malfunction signal in
the cockpit when it was powered up.

'(It) was not released when pre-departure checks indicated inoperable wiring
on board,' the carrier said.

The Malay-language Mingguan Malaysia quotes a police source as saying that
it was sabotage and did not rule out the possibility that it was an 'inside
job' by someone with knowledge of airplanes.

Initial police investigations also show that the plane had suffered massive
damage which could cause it to lose control if allowed to fly, the source

If the malfunction had not been detected, it would have caused a disaster,
he added.

At least seven bundles of wires were on Thursday found cut on the A-330
aircraft, including those under an instrument panel located under the
captain's seat.

The aircraft had arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Oct 1
from Singapore and was later sent to the maintenance bay for a routine

A replacement was deployed following the discovery of the malfunction.

'The matter is now in the capable hands of the police investigating team
with whom we are working very closely,' said the carrier's corporate
services senior general manager Mohamaddon Abdullah. -- AFP

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