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Car Rental Coupons
Using a car rental coupon will save you money. You can find coupons
in the yellow pages, in magazines and online. There are many
associations and membership programs that offer discount codes and
coupons with most car rental companies! If an association that you
belong to has affiliations with a car rental company you may receive
coupons or offers in newsletters or your membership pamphlet.

There are several types of typical car rental coupons. are the types
of car rental coupons that are usually available. Decide which type
of coupon works best for you and your rental; it usually depends on
the length or your rental and the type of vehicle you require.

Money Off Car Rental Coupons

Money off car rental coupons can range from $5 to $50 off your total
rental price. (money always comes off at the end of the rental after
the taxes and fees are calculated)

The amount of money off usually depends on the number of rental days
and sometimes the size of the vehicle you are renting. These types of
coupons will usually work on weekend or weekly rentals and will work
on various sizes of cars.

If a coupons says $$ off a long-term rental, that's usually for a
rental of 30 days or more.

Free Day(s) Coupons

You usually find free day coupons for compact up to full size cars,
for weekly or weekend rentals. To calculate the value of the free day
you would take your base rate (before taxes) and divide it by the
number of rental days. This gives you an average daily rate.

This amount would be taken off at the end of the rental (taxes and
fees are calculated first!).

Free Upgrade Coupons

Upgrade coupons are either single upgrade or double upgrade. For
example if a rental company classifies it's sizes from

compact - mid - standard - full - premium

and you wanted a full size; you would book the mid-size and may
receive a single upgrade to a standard size car or a double upgrade to
a full size car.

That's right, I said MAY. Most coupons state some variation of "The
upgraded car is subject to availability at the time of rental".
Upgrades are not generally not guaranteed. Keep this in mind if you
require a certain size. If you need a full size, book it and upgrade
to a premium. If the price of the full size is more than you would
like, book the full size and use a money off coupon instead.

Bonus Mile Coupons

There are programs like frequent flyer memberships or hotel programs
that will offer you coupons that will give you bonus miles or points
when you rent a car. As with all coupons, make sure that your rental
meets the terms and conditions of that particular coupon. emSome
companies charge a frequent flyer miles surcharge if you collect miles
on your rental. Check with the rental car company to see if and what
this charge would be./em

Most coupons have a car rental discount code in addition to the coupon
offer itself. Use both for even more savings!
You can also find car rental discount codes at

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