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"MissMention" wrote in message

I was initially considering the SuperSuprise package ( has
some great prices on that!), but was put off by the fact 95% of people
get either the Breezes Montego Bay or Breezes Runaway Bay which have
both got some bad reviews.

Hi! Breezes Runaway Bay gets very few bad reviews, but you are right to
avoid Breezes Montego Bay. BRB is a very nice resort, not a Lido, but very
Keep in mind that for just a little bit more you can book SuperSuprise-Plus
... and be allowed to eliminate Breezes Montego Bay from your list of
possible destinations. We did this last time and were send to Lido Braco
(we go lucky I guess). But we have also booked Breezes Runaway Bay directly
on other occaisions and really liked it there.

Sunset Beach seems to be quite good, the only thing if you do want to go
outside the resort it is quite far away from anywhere, you would have to
take a taxi to get anywhere.

We stayed at Sunset Beach Resort for a few days once and while it was a nice
value for the price it was no match for Breezes Runaway Bay! Not even close
in my opinion.

Not sure where you think Sunset Beach is far away from, but it is located
right in MoBay. Breezes Runaway Bay is a bit more isolated and would
require a taxi to get anywhere, but I personally like that. Next to
Negril, Runaway Bay is my favorite place in Jamaica.