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Default airbnb and browser compatibility

I have just been trying to book an apartment in Budapest via AirBnB.


I think I've managed to register, but if I attempt to book a place,
I end up back at the AirBnB homepage and no response comes back from
the property owner.

I have tried three different browsers with the same non-result.

There is supposed to be an app for iPhone, but it's for iOS 7 and up
so I can't run it (mine uses iOS 6).

Maybe I could search around and find somebody local with a browser
that AirBnB works with, but the booking would be a disaster waiting
to happen. When you're travelling you might end up using almost
any kind of hardware and software, and with almost any ancillary
site being banned by some foreign government. So if something went
wrong when I was in rural Hungary I'd be up **** creek without a

A booking site like this needs to be as portable as possible, and
AirBnB seems to have ****ed up portability as comprehensively as
they conceivably could.

What are the alternatives? (Right now, for Hungary).

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