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Default Report from the US, a nice but somewhat backward country.

Bert Hyman wrote:
In Frank
Slootweg wrote:

5. Americans don't quite grasp what the 'G' in GSM stands for.

They apparently think it means 'the whole world except us', so they
use a different, incompatible frequency.

Most likely due to regulatory issues or already-occupied spectrum.

The latter. But we can't have facts spoil a nice bashing, now can we!?

Nothing personal.

Quad-band phones are easy to come by, but 3G adds a new incompatibility.

And, IIUIC, Telstra adds some new incompatibility by using a different
frequency on *their* 3G (NextG) network. Sigh! (Yes, I know that "3G" is
an ambiguous term in this context.)