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Default Report from the US, a nice but somewhat backward country.

In Frank
Slootweg wrote:

So now I'm the proud owner of a beautiful, but totally useless
(outside the US), AT&T GoPhone Nokia 2610 phone [1]. It cost me all of
US$ 19.99 (without tax, mind you (Don't get me started on the
without-tax thingie.)), so I'm not complaining. *And* it includes a
charger which is 110-240VAC (not 240VAC-only), so I can use it
everywhere for all my Nokia phones (albeit with plug-adapters, which
are needed anyway)!

That's an interesting aspect of the way phones are sold here (by
T-Mobile, anyway). You can often walk into a chain discount store (like
Target or WalMart) and buy a phone for $20 which includes a $25 airtime

Bert Hyman St. Paul, MN