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Default Non Jamaican AI Wedding

I got married previously in Jamaica (not at an AI, family,
bridesmaids, etc) so she doesn't want to do it in Jamaica... even
though they're all setup for it.

I'm still looking... some of the Sandals non Jamaican properties do
weddings I think but the requirements are different...

Jamaica is only 2 days so most of the stay is "honeymoon"...

So, you don't want some place "like Sandals, Couples, etc.".. you want
Sandals. That is a bit more limiting. Since we don't go to Sandals or
any of the type, I can't help much.. Having been by them, the Bahamas
Sandals looks nice, but the Antigua Sandals did not impress me.
But, if you know you want to use Sandals, why not just contact them?
They have a lot of info on their web site and invite people to contact
them... Sounds like the thing so do.


actually I'm VERY open to non-sandals resorts.... superclubs, couples,
???? (not Hedo ;-})