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On Sat, 21 Aug 2004 21:35:20 -0400, Howie

The post above has sparked an entrepreneurial idea. Wouldn't it be cool
if one the the HAL ships that is registered in the Netherlands, were to
offer a marijuana lounge on board when on the open sea.


Do you *really* want DEA to board every ship when it reaches the U.S.?

Opinions as to marijuama being harmfuil or not or whatever aside,
there's no way the U.S. would allow such a ship to dock. Never mind
that fact that there's few and far between coutnries that are as
tolerant as Holland about this.

But I suppose itineraries wouldn't matter...participants would not
notice they had only gone out to sea three miles and come back:

"Say dude, this place looks just like home." "Yeah, really cool of
them to fix it up so we'd feel like we never left."

Jim P.