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No, I did not say that Seronera is devoid of animals - I said the
opposite! I said that in September wildlife was spread thinly in the
Western Serengeti and Southern Serengeti. Tourists were driving TO
Seronera to see wildlife and especially the cats. If you have to be in
the Serengeti at this time then Seronera and the North Eastern areas
below Kleins are certainly better options.

My point is that tourists are booked to stay in places when they
could've stayed at more convenient places if they were given
intelligent options! They end up driving for hours in the dust and
tsetse flies in the wooded areas only to see much less than they have

In general, most people come to the Serengeti and Mara to see open
plains filled with animals. There are other places in Africa where it
is better to search for animals (such as Botswana and Selous, etc.)

The Mara is my favorite place in East Africa and I like it any time of
year, but I like it MUCH more during the migration. When the migration
is in the Serengeti, I have to find very good reasons to be in
Southern Kenya rather than Tanzania! Sorry.


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Meanwhile, ... in the Mara

The problem is that this is not only true when the migration is
there. Maasai Mara is always good and very rich in wildlife. I
know it---I have visited it at all times of the year.

But I would also say that I find it very difficult to believe
that the area around Seronera Lodge is ever as devoid of
wildlife as you describe. The main reason is that most animal
species do not follow the migration anyway, and even of those
that do, a large fraction always stays (a small fraction only
for the wildebeest).

It also doesn't coincide with my own observations.