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Lyn a écrit :
There are free English courses & assistance for migrants to Australia from
AMES, based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Details from the web:
"Adult Multicultural Education Service (AMES)
AMES provide English Classes including the Adult Migrant English Program
(AMEP) The AMEP program proivides 510 hours of free English tuition to
eligible clients. AMES also provide TAFE courses for people whose English is
more advanced and a range of other specialised English courses. "

They also match English learners with volunteers for conversation/tutorials
for a few hours a week. A lot of these volunteers are ESL teachers, but may
be anyone in the community.

AMES offer English classes for tourists & business people at a cost of $280
per week ... there are probably cheaper places to learn.



"Bongrider" wrote in message

Hi, I've heard that in Sydney it's possible to follow some English courses
for free. It's because the future Australian teachers need some students
for training.
Anyone who has heard of such a thing in Melbourne?

Also it seems to be possible to take some free English courses at the
HOLMES COLLEGE (185 Spring street). However some people told me that
it's only for beginners.
Does anyone have more information?