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Default Cancun Royal Solaris - Questions

On Jan 11, 5:30 pm, (RICK DAVIS) wrote:
Looking for my first all inclusive vacation resort. I was told of the
Royal Solaris and the GR Solaris in Cancun. I was told that the Solaris
Resorts are good. Are there any in Cancun that are better than Solaris
Resorts? We also understand that at the GR Solaris all room have
balconys while the Royal Solaris only some do. We were also told that
the GR Solaris is smaller than the Royal Solaris and the GR Solaris is
more upscale. Any opinions as to which are better?

As I stated in the beginning, this is my very first all inclusive
vacation and I'm just beginning my research. I appreciate any and all
information. We think we are sure that Cancun is the destination we
want as we have never been but always wanted to go. A little background
information: Past vacations included 20+ Cruises plus land based
vacations (all beach destinations). Two guys aged 42 & 38 traveling.
Were not into night clubs but do enjoy bars and talking to other guests.
We also enjoy production shows. Casinos are a plus but we know there
are none in Cancun (that would just make it perfect). Thanks again for
any and all help & input.



My wife and I went to Cancun with another couple 2 years ago. We all
did a ton of research before we went. From what we found the Royal
and GR solaris were supposed to be very nice, but Dreams was even
supposed to be a little nicer. The resort (Dreams) had just changed
hands at that time so they were very competitively priced. We ended
up going with Dreams. We ended up meeting, by coincidence, some other
people we knew when we were down there. They were staying in one of
the solaris places, I forget which one. They ended up being very
unhappy the first day with a crappy room and other stuff going on.
Luckily they had booked through Apple Vacations so all they had to do
was call Apple and Apple got involved. Apple got them a transfer to
the other solaris resort and an upgrade at no extra cost. After that
they had a great time, but if hadn't been for Apple they would have
been miserable, according to them. We booked our own vacation, and
Dreams was fantastic. I would highly recommend it. The most
important part for us was no reservations required at any of the
restaurants, and absolutley no balking at top shelf liquor requests.
In fact, they ended up running our of Sauza Hornita tequila, so they
recommended a different brand of tequila, which we were a little leery
of. It ended up being great tequila, and when we looked it up at the
duty free shop, it was $70 a bottle tequila (duty free!!!!).

Bottom line, check into the pricing at Dreams, make sure they still
don't require reservations for dinner, and strongly consider it. The
only problem at all is that they are way up the strip in Cancun. This
means that they have two great beaches facing two different
directions, but it does mean that you need to walk a little further to
go to places down the strip, or take a taxi.

Good luck,