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Default Cancun Royal Solaris - Questions

Slacker, Thanks for the reply. I guess alot of people don't post on
that board. I am still doing my research on All Inclusive in Cancun. I
did take a look at Dream Resort & Spa and like the looks of it. I have
also been told that Le Blanc Resort & Spa has been the Number 1 rated
All Inclusive Resort for the last 4 years. This is according to an
agent at Liberty Travel (a chain travel agency). Le Blanc is rated 4
stars. From what I have gathered most of the resorts offer about the
same level of quality in their rooms. The difference in price is going
to be made up in food and beverage. Top shelf liquor and good food is
very important. After all next to the room it is the greatest expense
on a vacation. I Want to go top line as I am very accustomed to being
pampered (from Cruises) and only want the best. Again thanks for the
reply. I'll be looking more at the Dream Resort.

Rick, NY

I am sure the Solaris Properties are out of the question as of this
point in time. I had no idea so may all inclusive resorts were out