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Default USA December trip recommendations?

Shawn Hirn:
How about visiting San Francisco for a few days, then drive along the
Pacific Coast Highway from there to San Diego? There are amazing natural
sights to see along the way and San Francisco is one of the world's most
beautiful cities.

I second the motion -- if the weather permits. However, California has
a complicated climate with significant regional as well as seasonal
variations, and you may want to look into your chances of getting good
weather on the coast highway at that time of year. I'm not sure, but
they may not be so good.

Navigational technicality: the Pacific Coast highway isn't all called
the Pacific Coast Highway; as an official name that term applies only
to the southern section. The signs you want to follow are mostly for
California route 1. However, there are gaps in CA 1 where you follow
US 101 instead, and sometimes the places where you exit from US 101 to
get onto the next section of CA 1 aren't clearly marked as such.
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