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Default Late June in Oz?

Hi everyone;
The wife and I have a 2-week vacation coming up in the last half of
June, and are thinking of seeing part of Australia. We know its far
too little for a 'whirlwind' tour, and that's ok. We also definitely
do NOT like doing the 'typical tourist stops', and we never really
feel like a visit to a country means hopping from one city to another.
We typically like to head OUT of town, do some walking, see some
wonderful scenery, and get to know the landscape rather than the in-
town hotels, bars and shops.

Any suggestions on a good itinerary? So far, we have considered the
1) Fly into Perth, rent a campervan and do a loop drive up to Port
Hedland and back.
2) Fly into Perth, rent a car for a week and visit the Margaret River
area, staying in guesthouses....then do a campervan hire up to Shark
Bay and back.
3) Fly into Darwin and spend 2 weeks exploring the Kimberly region (we
don't know enough about rental vehicles, etc yet, though)
4) Spend 2 weeks in Taz. (Unfortunately, we know its winter down
there, and are unsure of how cold it will be or how hard to explore
off the beaten track)
5) Fly into Brisbane, rent a campervan and spend two weeks exploring
the coast up to Cape York and back.

Temps and prices have an effect on our itinerary, but we can imagine
spending about $3000 each on this outing. I like fishing, camping
under the stars, and seeing way cool natural scenery. She likes
relaxing, reading, and riding on the passenger side.

Any suggestions of a great 2-week itinerary. The size of Oz means we
really have to do our homework before landing on the wrong side of the
continent. :-)