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Default if you are over 65...

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On 07/15/2015 11:50 PM, Jack Campin wrote:
In London, tubes and buses are free for London over 65 residents;
London is still free for 0ver 60's residents (provided that they
have applied for the appropriate pass)
Climbing on my soapbox for a moment - I do not think schemes like free
bus passes are a good idea. The costs of providing these schemes
have to
be paid for somehow

They more than pay for themselves in improved health (hence reduced
care and medical bills) for retired people who use the buses to get
out doing things that they otherwise couldn't afford.

If you live in some barbaric ******** where the elderly don't get
any care or medical assistance out of the public purse the figures
probably look different.


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Quite so, but then why not raise the pensions so that they can decide
for themselves if they want to spend it on bus tickets or not.

because many don't use their bass pass at all, So either it will cost
you more, of if you give everyone the average amount those that do will
lose out


But why should the ones who do use the bus pass be better of than the
ones that don't or can't get on a bus? What about pensioners who are too
disabled to get on a bus at all? Like I say, the system is
discriminatory and wasteful.