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Default if you are over 65...

On Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 11:38:18 AM UTC+1, Martin wrote:
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because many don't use their bass pass at all, So either it will cost
you more, of if you give everyone the average amount those that do will
lose out


But why should the ones who do use the bus pass be better of than the ones
that don't

because OAPs who use the bus pass tends to based upon need.

And the current system makes them better off at no cost to the people who
choose not to use their pass

or can't get on a bus? What about pensioners who are too disabled to get on
a bus at all?

That's a different problem

Like I say, the system is discriminatory

In what way?

and wasteful.

just like all social benefits, if it doesn't match your political view of
"need" it can be shown to be wasteful.


I've just seen that, at 65+, I'm about to get free entry into Pompeii, Herculaneum etc. next month. Well done Italy!

but somebody employed by the mafia will still charge you EURO 5 or more to protect
your car in the car park.

Cheapy train ticket from Sorrento. :-))

Very cunning!

Pick pockets at the station? :-)

Martin in Zuid Holland

Since I got done for the first time ever in Malaga a few years ago (and never ever in the Morocco/Jordan swathe of over 50 years of travels) my body has become inviolate (for pickpocketing, anyway!).
For any interested, a day pass on the Sorrento/Naples circuit railway is a few Euros and entry into Pompeii, Herculaneum etc. is free for 65+. That saves a couple some 100 Euros over the local day trips and thus provides for a couple of splendid meals!