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Default Traveling on one-way tickets

The passport check is just a formality.
The thoroughness of the check depends on whether the check
is at an airport, or ferry terminal or land boundary.

Sometimes at land boundaries the check doesn't even exist. I have
walked from France (Menton) to Italy (Ventimiglia) and back without
even being stopped.

I once got a lift with my stepdaughter late at night from Trieste
to Rijeka. You would think that, being two fairly sizable cities
with nowhere very big in between, that the route ought to be
visibly signposted. No such luck. We ended up weaving up and
down back roads in the hills passing signs every so often saying
we were entering Slovenia, or Italy, or Slovenia again, or Croatia
this time, or back into Slovenia yet again, without passing a
single waking human being.

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