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Default Viking River cruises, WTF!

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On Monday, September 11, 2017 at 7:55:23 PM UTC+1, tim... wrote:

I know that Viking are not the preferred supplier for some people here,
I didn't realise just how bad they were

Just booked myself, through a specialist TA a bespoke package:

7 night Nile cruise, 2 nights in Luxor and 6 in Cairo, 4* on the ship, 5*
the hotels, £1600 single occupancy (I calculated that it would be about
double occupancy - single supplements are well down ATM because of the
political situation there). Plus a nanny to guide me from place to place
(Oh I do hate that, but I suppose sometimes it's necessary).

What do Viking want for their nearest equivalent, 3 nights shorter, but
admittedly a 5* ship?

5595 pounds, double occupancy with wait for it, a 100% surcharge for
occupancy (are they going to be buying me two seats on the flight FFS!?)

OMG. Only difference is that the Viking offer includes tours in Cairo,
which I am going to have to pay for/arrange separately. (and for which I
want to do my own thing anyway, if possible). Plus they include the
unlimited drinks package (on the boat) which I was offered at a not
particularly attractive 20 pounds per day, so I declined.

And as for the 5* ship, word on the ground is that I get a good chance of
being upgraded anyway because business is so bad not all of the ships
operate each week, and you can't downgrade the punters who have paid for

Most amazing thing is, some dates for 2018 are already sold out!

How much research do these people do?


Have I understood you correctly - nearly £1,000 per night?

no 12 nights = 500 per night :-)

There must be an error?
Book your own flights and fix the cruise locally, saving thousands?


But that way you don't get any tours, which if you try to organise yourself
will cost you far more than the amount that the tour company pay.

But you can find independent travel agents who specialise in putting
together the package and as they will have multiple people on any one boat
for any one week can organise the tours as significantly lower cost. This
is what I have booked - with booked myself flights showing at 400 pounds and
single occupancy cruise cabin at 600 and 7 extra night at 50 pounds a night,
1600 all in is a bargain.

Prices in Egypt are low right now, I am pretty sure that we were due to pay
much more than I am paying today (and that was sharing a cabin with someone
rather than going on my own) when we had to abort our trip booked for just
after the uprising (unknowingly of course).

Everybody is advertising bargains - except Viking it seems

Maybe I'm naive, but I've seen such silly prices elsewhere recently -
while searching to book a specific hotel at, say, £200 per night, up come
'offers' from established companies (Expedia, for instance) at around £700
per night. I can only assume they're just waiting there for some idiot to
sign up?

Durban (SA) surprised me

SA is a cheap country and you can find good quality B&Bs for 25 pound per

And yet when I looked in Durban there are dozens of hotels offering rooms at
400 pounds per night, whilst others are offering the lower price.

I can't work out who pays this money. The majority of South Africans can't
afford it, and what is the nationality for whom SA is such a brilliant
location they will pay that much for a (for them) out of season beach
holiday when there are bound to be cheaper/more convenient/more luxurious,
out of season locations to go to?