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ando (RTCReferee) wrote in message ...
(Lee) wrote:

I sailed on the Yankee Clipper in March 2003. I'd be happy to email
you my review if you're interested.

I would be interested in reading your Yankee Clipper and Glacier Bay cruise
reviews, and those of other small ships.

Do you have a link for these reviews? If so, please put the link here so we can
read your reviews wherever they are. If not, would you consider sharing them
with the newsgroup here in the RTC Forum for all to read?

There is more interest in alternative cruising than it might appear from
reading this newsgroup.

I'm trying to repost them (just cuttin' and pastin') but it doesn't
seem to be working. I did post them both to rtc. The Glacier Bay
Cruises one would have been posted probably around August 28, 2002.
The WJ Yankee Clipper one would have been posted around March 24,
2003. I tried to déja them but for some reason, my posting archives
are gone between 2003 and 1999...go figure.