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Don & Lynn
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Default Diamond Princess

We have had 6 cruises on the Star, Sun, and Coral Princesses in recent
years. The Star has 2 PC dining rooms and the others each have one. We used
PC dining on each of these cruises without reservations. Sometimes there
were lines but not if you pick your times carefully. On some of the cruises,
we had traditional seating and would used PC occasionally for variety I
could see that could create a problem and they will probably have to not
allow it.

I suspect that the Diamond may not have enough seating for the large number
of passengers.


"RTCReferee" wrote in message
Don & Lynn" wrote:

The most serious problem, by far, involved Pers. choice dining. We

PC dining as a result of all of the talk about the four dining rooms where

can "dine anytime with whomever you want." Anytme dining to me implies

of the moment".

It does to me, too. And that's what we got a year ago on the Star

Princess for
a short cruise. Since we were able to go right into a dining room

whenever we
showed up (as a couple), whether we agreed to sit with others or chose to

alone, we liked the experience.
It was very handy.

From what I have read more recently, though, it sounds like Personal

dining is imploding. Add this problem to the problem of smoky lounges,
difficulty finding a prime deck chair or theater seat without staking one

far in advance, high density and marketing policies which fill the ships

at the
last moment, and we are avoiding Princess until further notice.