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Default Edinburgh hotels -day rate?

[Best Western, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh]
It's many years since I lived in Edinburgh - is that hotel in a
reasonably safe/respectable area? (The room is for my daughter.)

Yes. It's next to the remaining medical buildings of the old Royal
Infirmary. There's another hotel across the street. Tollcross is
a couple of minutes walk west, and that does get a bit rowdy late
at night - I used to live there - but no problem during the day.
Eastwards you've got the luxury flats that used to be the Royal
Infirmary and George Heriot's School.

The other thing I should have mentioned - it's on the number 35 bus
route, which leaves from the airport. Much slower than the no. 100
fast bus, because it detours through business parks on the western
edge of the city, but if you figure in only having to walk across
the street rather than half a mile up and over the Royal Mile, it'll
take about the same time. Lothian Buses website has good timetables.

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