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Default Need advice for December Capetown trip

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003 21:31:03 -0700, Bob

My wife and I are flying into Capetown on December 7th and cruising
out on December 19th. This is our first visit to Capetown and we are
looking for suggestions. Tentative plan is to rent a car for that
period and tour the Capetown area and up to Port Elizabeth.

We are seniors, but very frequent travelers. We would appreciate
suggestions for the trip. Hotels (generally 3 star or better)? Places
to see? Car rental company (need auto, since it is tough enough to be
on the left side)? Itinerary?

As an alternate, we could arrange to fly into Port Elizabeth and then
drive to Capetown.

Thanks in advance.


Schools close December 5th which means you'll have to book
accomodation ASAP!

Take a look at for more about Cape Town,
the Garden Route and the "Friendly City" of Port Elizabeth.

You'll find Cape Town and the Garden Route under EXPLORE - Western
Cape in the menu and Port Elizabeth under EXPLORE - Eastern Cape -
Coastal region in the menu.

The site is still far from finished but there's a lot of useful

Enjoy your visit.

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