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Default Venice Vaporetto Tickets

Le Tue, 01 Jan 2019 11:35:15 -0700, Ken Blake a √©crit¬*:

Is there anyone still here? I haven't seen a message in a long time.

Just in case there's someone here who can help me, let me ask a question
or two:

My wife and will be finishing a cruise and arriving at the Stazione
Maritima of San Basilio in Venice. We will then be staying in Venice for
a week, and we will need to take a vaporetto to our hotel.

I believe we can board the vaporetto and buy tickets from its conductor
for that ride (is that correct?).

But that's not what we want to do. Unless we have no other choice, we
would like to buy seven-day passes. Can we buy them from the conductor
when we board? Or is there someplace near the Stazione Maritima of San
Basilio where we can buy them before boarding a vaporetto?

Or it possible to buy them online before we depart for Italy?

According to ACTV web site: Seven day ticket 60 EUR.

You can buy tickets at many all Venezia Unica sales points and authorised
resellers and from ticket machines available at the following waterbus
stops: Piazzale Roma S.Chiara, Piazzale Roma Parisi, Ferrovia/railway
station Scalzi, Ferrovia/railway station S.Lucia, S.Marcuola, Ca' d'Oro,
Rialto, S.Toma', Zattere, S.Marco/St. Mark's Vallaresso and Giardinetti,
San Zaccaria Danieli, Jolanda and Piet√*, Arsenale, Fondamente Nove, Lido
S.M. Elisabetta, Burano, Punta Sabbioni and also at the municipal car park
in Piazzale Roma, Marco Polo Airport, Mestre railway station and
underpass, and in via Castellana.