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Default Celebrity Silhoutte 21 Feb 15 Sailing...

On Mon, 9 Mar 2015 13:26:01 -0700 (PDT), Bo1953

Hello all,

We are planning this cruise, and wanted to find out if we should wait to book a 'regular' veranda room until better offers are given or just book now and try to do better later?

The best offers are on Concierge staterooms and higher, which are currently more than $1k more then veranda, so it does not appear that now is a good time to book, etc..

Has anyone recommendations for this ship as well that I need to consider? There will be up to eight of us travelling on this itinerary.

TIA - bo1953

well we would need to know what port you would be sailing from, and
what cruise line and ship do you plan on sailing on, I have found
that booking a cruise very near to the date of said will greatly
reduce the price. And booking an inside cabin vs. a window or balcony
even really doesnt matter..... I mean when I cruised the only time i
spent in my room was to shower and sleep.