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Default Rotorua motel wanted.

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Anyone know of a reasonable motel in Rotorua? I stayed in one recently
which was excellent and paid $65 per night, but I can't recall the name
or address.

Used to be called Thermal lodge, now I think its called KIWIPAKA, great
place, lots of different styles of accomodation from camp sites to dorms
to Chalets.

All sorts of prices as well.

Great - looks fine. Thanks for info.

Its been a while since Ive stayed there but I did the search myself and they
arent as good as they used to be, according to what they have to offer they
are now better! I intend on stayng there next year for a couple of nights.
Last time they had just built the Chalets and they are great to stay in.
Cant say enough about the atmosphere there as theres always different people
there from all walks and aspects of life. I have very fond memories of
Kiwipaka and from its older days as Thermal Lodge.

Highly recommend the stay.