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Default large cash hotel payment

"marc4ucb" wrote in message
I will be staying in a hotel in
Florence that wants payment in cash on arrival. This hotel is highly
recommended in Rick Steves and Lonely Planet. On a normal stay this would
be no problem. But I will be staying ten days. This will be more than
1,120 Euros. Arriving with this much cash is not simple. ATMs have much
lower limits. The only way I can think of is to get the cash at bank in
the US before I leave and carry it with me. Of course that means paying
pretty steep fees to a bank in the US. Also, most banks around me do not
have international currency exchanges. I will need to drive 35 miles to a
near by city. I am also not thrilled about carrying that much cash on me.
Does anyone have some suggestions?

Stay somewhere else.