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Default large cash hotel payment

On Mon, 9 Feb 2015, marc4ucb wrote:

I will be staying in a hotel in Florence that wants payment in cash on
arrival. This hotel is highly recommended in Rick Steves and Lonely
Planet. On a normal stay this would be no problem. But I will be
staying ten days. This will be more than 1,120 Euros.

AFAIK single payments in cash for more than 1000 euros are now illegal
in Italy !

The request sound completely unusual nowadays. I never had to pay in
advance and in cash when travelling for business in business
destinations, an e-mail or phone call was enough for the reservation,
and I could pay via credit card. An exception was a conference in a
resort, where they required either a sizeable fraction of the amount via
bank transfer, or an insurance against cancellation (22 eur) which could
also be paid online. For my 3/4-week vacations, in a family-run place, I
had to supply an advance (for 1-2 days only) only the first year and it
could be paid via bank transfer. Following years I was "known". And
since the total amount is large, I pay with a cheque at check out.