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Default large cash hotel payment

This hotel's request is not only unusual, but irregular. In fact, I
have never heard of such a thing. (Certainly not in the past ~15
years.) Of course, I would like to know the name of the hotel so I can
avoid it. (I travel often to Firenze.)

Assuming your continued interest, ask the hotel in advace to accept two
or three nights upon arrival (get that confirmation in writing, with
the name and title of the person who authorized it!) and the next day
obtain the balance due. *Easy enough to accomplish: arrange with your
bank or credit card company - again, in advance - and then go inside
the bank and see the bank manager, not use the ATM outside.

Please be sure to contact Rick Steves. This hotel's request is not one
he would condone. His complete contact info...
Rick Steves' Europe, Inc.
130 4th Ave N
Edmonds, WA 98020-3114 USA
Tel: 425-771-8303
Fax: 425-771-0833

Whatever you decide, however you proceed, enjoy your trip!

I will be staying in a hotel in Florence that wants payment in cash on
arrival.* This hotel is highly recommended in Rick Steves and Lonely
Planet.* On a normal stay this would be no problem.* But I* will be
staying ten days.* This will be more than 1,120 Euros.* Arriving with
this much cash is not simple.* ATMs have much lower limits.* The only
way I can think of is to get the cash at bank in the US before I leave
and carry it with me. * Of course that means paying pretty steep fees
to a bank in the US.* Also, most banks around me do not have
international currency exchanges.* I will need to drive 35 miles to a
near by city.* I am also not thrilled about carrying that much cash on

Does anyone have some suggestions?