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Default First cruise - CARIBBEAN - questions

Charles wrote:

In article , Ermalee

The food on the Zenith a couple of weeks ago was better than I've had on
a cruise ship for a long time. However, they fell short with their ice
cream. The Mercury in May had the best ice cream ever. I'm still
gaining weight just thinking about it.

There is something wrong with the ice cream on Zenith. I don't know if
it is how they are making it or storing it. But that is recent.

Crown Princess had great ice cream. Ten times better, I had some almost
every night on the side of my deserts. I only mention Crown Princess
because I am going to have a lot of ice cream in three weeks.

I've always wanted to do one of Sue's annual 'junkets', but I am
thankful that I didn't book this one. We are dealing with a case of
congestive heart failure at our house. May involve hospital time if
there's no improvement this weekend with home care. Dr. is stopping by

Ermalee ---also glad we didn't go on the Sleazy; I guess 3 cruises this
year is enough :-)