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Default Late June in Oz?

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Temps and prices have an effect on our itinerary, but we can imagine
spending about $3000 each on this outing.

I should add that this includes airfare from HK. So our 'land budget'
in Oz is about $2000 each.

Fly to Perth. Rent a camper and drive to Karajini National Park. Then make
your way to Exmouth and explore the Ningaloo Reef. Drive back down to
Perth via Kalbarrie.
More than enough for two weeks.

Gerrit - Oz

You could do a similar thing on the East Coast.

Personally I would fly into Sydney, rent a car, drive to Cairns and fly back
from there. It is 3,000 kms, you will only need to average 200 kms/day,
plenty of time for exploring and staying somewhere you like for a couple of

There is lots to see between Sydney and Cairns! You won't see the
outback/desert, but you will be in the tropics for most of it, and the
weather is great up North at that time of year (the dry season).

Thanks, Peter....that was pretty close to Plan B. The other option
(Plan C) was to fly to Cairns and do a loop trip north. Would it be
advisable to get a campervan for the Syd-Cairns drive? We'd save on
hotels, but it would require there being places to pull over and camp.
Not sure if the policy in Oz is as it is in many places: camp where
you want, or if that stretch is so populous that its required that you
stay in caravan parks (which is less interesting to us).