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On our upcoming cruise in November, one of the ports of call is St.
Maarten. Since we'll only have a day there, what are the most important
things to do/see?

Kent Huffman


The French side has lots of pretty women sunning topless around the
hotel pools.

And of course there is great snorkeling at Pinel island and the nude beach
at Orient, Both are on the far east end on the French side, and so not
close to Phillipsburg.

Look at the St. Martin link on my web page.

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I agree about the beautiful women on the French side. However, these are not
the same women who go naked on Orient beach. In fact, the people who go
"raw" at Orient are precisely the kind of people who should keep their
clothes on. On the other hand, there are some good-looking women on Orient
who go topless.