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Default Watch out for Credit Card fees when travelling to Canada

Rog' wrote:

Recently, I was accidentally double-charged by a local restaurant. I
simply called the manager, gave him the date + transaction #'s, and a
few days later received a credit for the second charge.

You're lucky. It must have been an accident and they corrected it. I once got a
Visa statement and there were two charges for a restaurant where I had used my
Visa card, one for the day we ate there and one for two days later. I called
Visa right away. They called the restaurant and they said they would credit my
account. They didn't. I called again, Visa said they would ask the restaurant
for a hard copy and if they didn't get it I would not be liable for the charge.
Still didn't get it.

It went on for 5 or 6 months, until I happened to be going by the place and
went it (in uniform|) and demanded payment. They gave me a cheque and I cashed
it immediately. A few days later someone from Visa called and asked if the
problem had been resolved. I told her about the cheque, and she said that was
good because...... after so much time had passed there wasn't much they could
do.. The *******s!!! I had contacted them as soon as I got the statement and
saw the fraudulent charge. If they had contacted the restaurant and demanded a
hard copy and didn't get on within the specified time, Visa should have credited
my account and gone after the restaurant.