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Default Montreal, Canada: knee-walker / knee-cruiser rental

me wrote:

I'll be travelling to Canada in a week's time, but my sprained ankle will be
in a cast or brace.
Friends who just returned from Canada say they saw several people using a
so-called "knee walker" or "knee cruiser", not just in cities, but in
national parks too. I was wondering how I should go about renting one of
these things. Any pointers to a business or hospital that sells or rents
these in Montreal or elsewhere in Canada would be very welcome. I had a hard
time Googling for this, as most results are from the USA, where every
medical supply store seems to have them.

Thanks in advance,


ps: I've you've never seen one, see e.g.

It's probably your web site selling them, so why not put it ion the FAQs.