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P. Taine
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Default Location of some cruise stops on the Amazon River -- Not is Google nor Mapcarta

I am attempting to document a Amazon River cruise I took about 20 years ago,
from Iquitos to Balem. I wish to show some of the stops using Google MyMaps. A
number of the places we went ashore, or into the interior on Zodiacs don't seem
to be shown on any maps that I can find. Some of these are mentioned in the
descriptions of current cruise offerings, but no maps!

I would be very greatful is anyone can point me to any of the following: Note
that some of the names seem to be mispelled in the documents I have from the
cruise. Unfortunately the company we sailed with, Marine Expeditions, is long
out of business

Boca de Justica
Boca do Cuxui Muni
Parana do Carajai,
Rio Urutubinha,
Lago Sao Paulo

These would get me from Iquitos to Manaus. If I get any help here, and need any
for the rest of the trip I'll be back.

Thank you to anyone who can help,

P. Taine