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Bureau of meteorology Forecasts!

Forecast for Friday
Sydney 35 Chance late shower/thunderstorm.
Melbourne 23 Rain developing.
Brisbane 26 Fine
Perth 18 Mostly fine.
Adelaide 19 Light rain.
Hobart 16 A little rain developing.
Canberra 27 Late shower.
Darwin 33 Afternoon shower about.

"DerekF" wrote in message
With my skin I need 50+
It was 37C when we were in Adelaide last March.
The Round the World temperatures published in today's paper was, Sydney,
Fair 23C. Must have hotted up in the afternoon.
" A Mate" wrote in message
That won't matter at all - since in fact there is no flu epidemic in
Australia at the moment.

The 'Brisbane' strain mentioned in the Mail article was a problem in
calendar 2007. There was just the usual minor flu increase in the just
finished 2008 winter (and flu season).

It's 34C in Sydney today. Summer comes hard and early in Australia.

Just be sure you have your SPF 15+ sunscreen.

"Gerrit" wrote in message

"DerekF" wrote in message

We are having our annual flu jabs on Monday:-) So roll on OZ.

Could it be that the flu jabs you will receive (wherever you are) are
against different strains of flu than the ones running around Oz at the

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