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Default Saudi Arabia opens its doors to tourists

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Since we were already working with European IDs , lets make sure everyone understands. There is NO one, single driver license or ID card for “Europe.” Each European nation issues its own ID/Driver license and the ID will specify which country it was issued from.
In 2013 all the nations of the European Economic union (EEU) decided that all European IDs should be in the same format is the “business card” size that all U.S. license are in. This is why we wont be seeing those tri-fold paper irish Driver licenses for much longer.i’m showing you a small selection of pre-2013 and post-2013 IDs so you can get the idea. I’m also showing you some Europen Driver licenses that you can order .
Genuine European IDs re high-quality and almost always have reliable security features, like micro-print.
we have being doing this job for more than 10years today with a lot of experience on how to oriented our clients for their choices ,we assure at 100% listen we are going to provide you with any document you required withh all the available stamps registered on the country DBS as the country citizen, which you will use to enter these countries as a citizen, without any problem ,like for example if you are from JAPAN, CHINA, UAE, AFRICA, COLOMBIA,SOUTH AFRICA, PAKISTAN, … you don't need any visa on your passport to return to your country.
we don't advice clients to purchase visa on their country passport(optional, if you want the visa we give you) because with visa when the clients travel(US,CA,AU or UK) to have something doing is not easy for them , while with the citizen ship the same day you enter with all your available listed document for complete citizen package(passport.ID,DL SSC and health insurance) you will have a job in less than no time and you will be covered by the government of the country in anything you do since you are just like the country citizen, since all your information are registered in the country DBS, you will be free to travel to many countries without any visa which is very very advantageous while with the visa(US,CA,AU or UK) on your country passport you are limited to stay for the number of months on your visa after that you need to leave the country which wont be of any good help to you, that is why we advice of clients to purchase the full citizen ship for their better stay and good job if ok by you we can proceed with our price list and the required information that will be use for your citizen ship together with our payment method
thanks for your understanding , contact for more details on how to proceed

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Contact us through WHATSAPP,VIBER,IMO here +237676290985