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Chris Blunt
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Default Thailand mobilephone services

For DTAC, the minimum reload amount is now 400 Baht.

On 17 Sep 2003 17:32:39 -0700, (Alan) wrote:

Thanks. I meant to say only a starter pack. By the way, what is the
lowest price for a reload?

(Mike Newman) wrote in message ...
Alan wrote:

I Will be in Bangkok for a week.
What is the cheapest prepaid mobile package available?
Only use locally with easy reload.

If you already have a phone, you can get DTAC and One-2-Call sim cards
at MBK and elsewhere for 600 baht. This includes 300 baht of call time.
Both are easy to reload with prepaid cards available everywhere. If you
need a phone, you can buy a cheap used one for less than 1000 baht;
again at MBK.