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Default Avoid Delta and Atlanta

Well, it confirms my own experience. I have been flying out of Atlanta to
Frankfurt/Germany quite frequently for more then 15 years. AFAIK, Delta has
declared bankruptcy and seems to operate with a minimum of service persons.
I have switched to Lufthansa for most of my travel to Europe, but last week
I tried Delta's new service to Düsseldorf / Germany. Check-in in Atlanta
took 1.5 hours just to get the luggage weighted and then you still get your
luggage back and have to go to another counter and wait again! During the
long night flight not a single flight attendent showed up to even offer a
cup of water! I used to love Delta........

"Herb Ludwig" wrote in message
We are Europeans living near Birmingham and have often business and
personal friends visiting us. In recent months, we have heard from 2
couples and several single travelers that European travel agencies are
warning to stay away from Delta (long waiting times at check-in and poor
service, particulaly eastbound over the Atlantic) and Atlanta ( very slow
arrival clearance with baggage that has to be recovered, handled and
checked in again. Long lines in front of uninterested customs people etc.)
Why are Atlanta and Delta singled out?