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Default Avoid Delta and Atlanta

Some of those samaritan-type City of Atlanta downtown helpers
might/oughtabe re-positioned to the airport during the busiest times if
the situation is as cruddy as it appears to be, though I suppose the
regular employees whom are being layed-off or kept from getting
over-time would not agree.
Hey, it's only an idea--not necessarily realistic nor adaptive to
Delta's crisis situation. I think the State should subsidize 'em in any
legal, helpful ways we can, though I'll fly Air Tran to save a buck,
and, helle yes, I'm a fool-hypocrite.

Pete wrote:
Why are Atlanta and Delta singled out?

Delta being in bankruptcy probably has something to do with it.
Atlanta being the busiest airport in the country also probably has
something to do with it. If possible, connect through Cincinnati
(CVG), as it is much less busy than Atlanta (ATL). The queues
at CVG are not near as long.