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Default Avoid Delta and Atlanta

My 3c worth:

Ever since reading this group I can' stop wondring about the number of
posts suggesting that Airline X is worth less than all others, or
Airport B is worth less than all olthers.

Guys, please understand that you are reporting individual experiences,
and even if you flew, say, once a month, they will remain individual
experiences. Only a well-designed and impartial survey could really
differentiate between airlines and airports Such surveys do exist,
although I don't have a link at hand.

In the particular case of airline and and airport, Delta is no worse
than any other major US airline; bankrupcy or no bankrupcy. I was
recently on an Air France flight where the flight attendants closed
themselves off behind curtains immediately after serving dinner and
were very angry if someone tried to lift the curtain to ask them for
something. "Don't you see we are having dinner?" was one response. The
other was "Don't you see we are having rest?" Some crews are better
than others within one airline -- I had previously experienced very
good service on AF, so I really won't generalize on this single

As for checking in luggage, yes, you have to get it weighted and then
you have to carry it yourself for TSA inspection. But this has nothing
to do with Delta -- it's a federal requirement. All other airlines in
the US are currently obliged to do the same.

So guys, tried to grow up a little and look at things from a distance.
There is no question that the overall standard of air travel have
declined immensely in recent years. But singling out particular
airlines and/or airports really needs some solid statistical data.
Otherwise, it just serves the purpose of venting your individual
frustrations, however justified, and is thus completely unhelpful to
other members of this group.

Again, this was my 3c worth.


Hanna Lahy wrote:
Well, it confirms my own experience. I have been flying out of Atlanta to
Frankfurt/Germany quite frequently for more then 15 years. AFAIK, Delta has
declared bankruptcy and seems to operate with a minimum of service persons.
I have switched to Lufthansa for most of my travel to Europe, but last week
I tried Delta's new service to Düsseldorf / Germany. Check-in in Atlanta
took 1.5 hours just to get the luggage weighted and then you still get your
luggage back and have to go to another counter and wait again! During the
long night flight not a single flight attendent showed up to even offer a
cup of water! I used to love Delta........

"Herb Ludwig" wrote in message
We are Europeans living near Birmingham and have often business and
personal friends visiting us. In recent months, we have heard from 2
couples and several single travelers that European travel agencies are
warning to stay away from Delta (long waiting times at check-in and poor
service, particulaly eastbound over the Atlantic) and Atlanta ( very slow
arrival clearance with baggage that has to be recovered, handled and
checked in again. Long lines in front of uninterested customs people etc.)
Why are Atlanta and Delta singled out?