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I wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful trip to Krakatau. We
flew in from Singapore and the transfer to the hotel was well
organized. We were extremely lucky with the trip out as we came across
a big school of dolphins, one of which was curious enough to swim
around our boat and get a look at us. The camp site on a little island
opposite Anak Krakatau is set on an beautiful beach, the bay nice for
a swim, the fresh seafood dinner you prepared was great, and the sight
of the explosions at night was awesome.

The next day we enjoyed getting yet closer to Anak Krakatau and
circling it by boat. The hiking on Krakatau and the snorkeling was a
lot of fun as the volcano continued with an impressive display of
nature’s forces. Last but not least, we made it to the airport and
back to Singapore in time on Sunday evening. Well worth it..http://