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Roger B.
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"tUMA" wrote...
me and my friend are thinking abut traveling to the us east coast
around feb 2005. We will proberly get a eastern rail pass and travel
around for
about 3 weeks.
Where looking for recommendations on where to go?

New York and Florida are the main 2 we want to see. I also thought
about going to Dallas but im sure theres someone out there whos
been to the US and has some good places for us to visit. We want
places with plenty to do during the day. is there any good National

February is still winter in most of the U.S. and many Parks will be
inaccessible or restricted during that time of year... and none are
convenient to rail travel... But there are several National Parks in
the East... there's Acadia NP (Maine), Shenandoah NP (Virginia),
Great Smoky Mtns. (NC & Tennessee). But again, those will likely
have many snow restrictions.

Florida has Everglades & Biscayne NP's. In Florida, winter is the
high-season and the Parks will be fully functional. They are also
convenient to the Florida Keys, which being tropical, stay warm.

As the other poster suggested. Fly to NYC and take in the sites,
perhaps catch a shuttle-flight or train to Washington, DC, and see
the Smithsonian museums. The French Quarter in New Orleans
is a potential rail stop, and from there a train to Florida. I suggest
checking with for schedules. [R]