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Phil Richards
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Default Beware - credit card rip-off

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:29:37 +0100 Andy Pandy

They are supposed to ask you which currency you want to billed in, but it
practice it doesn't always happen, and the default is to bill you in your home
currency. But you are perfectly entitled to insist you are billed in the local
currency, after all the product or service will have been priced in the local
currency. Don't let retailers rip you off in this way!

Happened to me over the Easter weekend in Ireland. In fact I started a
thread off "Credit Cards in Rep. of Ireland" in this very ng a few days
later and no-one seemed to know anything about it!

In two cases I wasn't offered the option and lost about 3% as again I
wasn't aware of it. Although not huge amount I'm disputing the difference
through my credit card issuer. Next time I'll be more alert.

Phil Richards