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Default "Slalom course" at Midway

Hopefully the Tribune won't force you to log in to read it.

Why do I have this strange feeling passengers will just choose the
shortest line?

Full read:,full.story


By Jon Hilkevitch | Tribune reporter May 8, 2008

While it is finally safe to stow away the skis after a snowy Chicago
winter, travelers at Midway Airport will navigate through a new slalom
course when going through security lines beginning Thursday.

New signs, color coded like those at ski resorts that warn of the
difficulty level of slopes, will direct passengers to one of three
lines—a green circle for beginners, a blue square for intermediate
travelers and a black diamond for advanced passengers.

Travelers will pick the line that fits their experience level, or
security workers will direct them to the appropriate one.

The goal is to reduce tension and frustration at security checkpoints
and speed up the process for at least the experienced travelers who
know to whip off their shoes and remove laptops from carrying cases
without being told.