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Default Majesty of the Seas (Long Review)

(mark hunacek) wrote in message . com...
My daughter and I recently finished a four-night
cruise on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas,
sailing from Miami to the Bahamas and Key West.

Thanks for taking the time to write the review...I enjoyed reading it.

Of course, on our cruise
there were, as I suspect there are on every cruise, a
couple of idiots who didn't follow directions and clear
customs when they were supposed to do so; they had to
be called by name on the PA system after delaying 2000
people from getting off the ship and enjoying the port.

Yup...happened to us on St. Thomas. What's with these people that they
think they're exempt from going through the immigration process. Very
selfish behavior.

For example, in Key West,
I really wanted to try a slice of Key Lime pie, which
was not available in the dining room but was available
in the Windjammer.

Do you think they went ashore, bought Key Lime Pie in town and brought
it back on board to serve? If you wanted Key Lime Pie, I would have
found some at a restaurant on land, which would probably be better
than what was on board anyway. Just not sure why you felt it necessary
to eat key lime pie on a cruise ship, while docked in Key West. If
they had served it the previous day or the next day, would it have
tasted differently?

The comedian, John Joseph,
seemed to get the most raves from the passengers; he
gave two shows, one on the first night and an
adults-only show (which really wasn't all that risqué)
on the last.

Even though the daily schedule says "adults only", some parents feel
it's okay to bring their kids, and no one stops them. So, comedians
have to keep things pretty clean, even for a late night set. He may
have even spotted some kids and decided to clean it up at that point.
It's a shame really.

Thanks again for the review.