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Default Cheap Seats Hours Before Takeoff?

"Alan" wrote:
... the intent of my query wasn't to challenge ticket pricing strategy. If
there aren't any such websites, then there aren't.

I 'member getting ****y once when I priced a flight within a
few days and the airline quoted a fare that was 3x the fare
that I could have gotten 3 weeks before... I was like, "If you
could get me there for 1/3 that fare two weeks ago, why not
now -- its the same plane." Reply: "Well, you might think so."

The air-folk seem to have figured that out those of us who
walk up to a counter or call a reservation center with only
hours to go are not likely to be discount shoppers, but to
have a last-minute travel impulse or an urgent need to get
someplace, and will pay the full-fare, regardless. =R=