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Default First cruise - CARIBBEAN - questions

Thus spake Charles :

In article , Dillon Pyron

Charles, the last press release I have from RCI says that they are
requiring them, due to the possibility of having to fly home. DCL is
"strongly recommending" them for much the same reason. I have an
email in to my Carnival DSM about it, we'll see what she has to say.

I am going by what they say on their web site. They do highly recommend
them but don't require them. Of course it would be prudent to have a
passport because of the possible emergency need to fly home. I would go
as far as saying it is stupid not to have one because of that

I have a friend who's a gate agent at IAH for Continental. She says
that you will be denied boarding in foreign airports as well as
domestic (for international trips). So if you miss the ship in
Cozumel, you are royally screwed.

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