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Default Late June in Oz?

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Hey Gerrit...I'm looking online at that itinerary, and it looks great!
Some good road miles, some interesting stops, and plenty of places to
park a campervan and hang out. What are the rules on camping in the
bush? Do you have to use a commercial or public campground if one is
available, or can you just pull off anywhere you want? And what about
fishing...looks like the river fishing season is closed for June/July,
but what are the rules for sal****er casting?

And last...if you are in that region, can you recommend a good
campervan rental agency? There are several out there, but an 'insiders
recommendation' is always best.


Not totally sure about camping in the bush. Officially (I think) if you are
within 30 km of a commercial caravan park you should use that but I have yet
to see it policed. Most people who wish to camp in the bush just do so in a
suitable spot. There are a number of camping/overnight stop places looked
after by the roads authority. Also other spots where many people stop for
longer than overnight. It would be best to invest in a book called "Camps 6"
which is the latest edition of a road map book with details of many
free/cheap camping spots. I use it and it is great. There are two versions
one with maps and short descriptions of the camping spots and the other with
many photographs of the camping spots as well.
You may not wild camp in Karajini National park but there is a camping area
within the park.
On the Indian Ocean side of the North West Cape peninsula (Exmouth is on the
opposite side of the peninsula) there are a number of camping spots in the
Cape Range National Park. Again no free camping allowed here but the camping
spots are near the Ningaloo Reef for snorkeling (straight off the beach) and
Fishing in the rivers up north is not recommended but beach fishing is
On the way down the coast just north of Carnarvon is Quobba. There are
spectacular blowholes there with water (with the right conditions) spouting
up to 30 feet into the air. Rock fishing and beach fishing in that area are
great. Just be careful of your safety, we lose a few rock fishermen each
year! Also near the blowholes there is a wonderful free camp just a few kms
south along the coast.
There is no camping allowed in Kalbarri National Park so you will have to
use a caravan park in the town of Kalbarri.

I have never rented a camper so cannot point you in the direction of any
provider but any if you Google for "campervan hire perth" you will get a
selection and may choose what suits you best.

Have fun

Gerrit - Oz